benefits of doing push up- 7 best and effective benefits

benefits of doing push-ups
benefits of doing push-ups

7 best and effective benefits of doing push-ups

Benefits of doing push-ups: Push-up is one of the best exercises you can do. The best special thing about push-ups is, it is versatile, equipment-free, and consumes very little time. There are huge numbers of benefits of doing push-ups. But there is something that only matters about doing push-ups, is doing it in a proper way. 

As we are talking about the benefits of doing pushups, I will tell you 8 amazing benefits of doing pushups. It is also a compound exercise then you can imagine its benefits. Lets’s begin:

1st: improve your posture: best benefits of doing push sup

improve your posture by doing push up
improve your posture

The posture of our body is very important as we get older day by day. Improper posture can destroy your health. As you get older, improper posture can destroy your comfort. Now, question is, how our body posture becomes improper or wrong.

Our posture gets improper due to not caring for our daily activities like how we stand, how we sit on a chair, how we walk, how we run, and how we sleep. These are the basic activities that decide our body posture. Our posture becomes improper also due to weak core muscle.  If we take care of these activities, we can improve our posture easily. 

But if you have made this mistake, then doing pushups can definitely improve your body posture. Here is how pushups improve your body posture. One of the great benefits of pushups is that regular pushups will give you proper posture in little time.

When we do a pushup, our body is parallel to the floor. Whole parts of the body come in a straight line. And due to this your spine, neck, your feet get stretched and your odd posture becomes better slowly and slowly by practicing pushup daily.

2nd: improve cardiovascular health:

benefits of doing push-ups: improve cardiovascular health
benefits of doing push-ups: improve cardiovascular health 
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As I have already told you that pushup is an compound exercise. It make effect on maximum part of your body. When you start doing pushup, your whole body parts get engaged and start losing calories. In this process, your heart start pumping lots of blood and oxygen to all the body parts to prevent lack of oxygen and maintain blood circulation.

When you do pushups, your heart works very hard. And due to this, Its muscle stretches, all the blockages become clear and your heart become healthier

Doing 100 pushups per day decrease the chance of heart disease very effectively. This is one of the best benefits of pushups and all my family members do this daily.

3rd: increase testosterone production- benefits of doing push ups for men:

push up increase your testosterone production
testosterone production

As we get older, the production of many hormones in our body decreases. Testosterone is also a very important hormone in the human body. The human reproduction system and fertilization in men depend on this important hormone. In men, the reduction of the circulation of testosterone causes prominent loss. It is very essential for a healthy body in both men and women.

But as we grow from time to time, the production of such hormones decreases. This may become a great problem for married couples as they can,t became parents due to fertilization problems. There are so many reasons that affect testosterone production. Like our hygiene, lots of masturbation, regular sexual relationship, and many more reasons are the cause of decrement of testosterone production.

Testosterone is produced by the gonads (by the Leydig cells in testes in men and by the ovaries in women), although small quantities are also produced by the adrenal glands in both sexes. It is an androgen, meaning that it stimulates the development of male characteristics. (source- click here)

Now, you are thinking that how can be doing pushups increase testosterone production. Several studies suggest that those simple movements with a standard pushup promote testosterone production. Resistance exercise like pushups can increase the level of production of testosterone production. 

4th: Burn calories and effective weight loss:

save your time and money by doing push ups
weight loss by doing push up

In these days, weight increment is a very common problem of majority of people. This happens due to consuming lots of calories or consuming very less calories than required. To maintain our weight and body fitness, we should take proper diet in proper duration. Now let me tell you how pushup can burn calories and cause effective weight loss.

Doing pushups involves multiple muscles and joints, it is a compound exercise. The more muscles you use, your body works harder. And if your body works hard then you know that more calories will burn. And due to this, within 2 to 3 weeks, you will see the effect definitely. 

So I have told you in heading that burning calories to maintain weight is one of the amazing benefits of pushups.

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5th: increase the production of HGH

Benefits of push ups- increase the production of HGH
Benefits of doing push ups- increase the production of HGH

HGH stands for “human growth hormones”. This hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland. This hormone is very important for humans as it plays an important role in growth, body composition, cell repair, metabolism, and many others. HGH keeps the cells healthy.

LIke many other hormones, the production of HGH decrease as we get older. Less HGH in our human body means less muscle production and repair. This may cause more health issues like very less height of the body, slow growth of hair, slow repair of face skin or body tissues and many more.

Pushups engage many different muscles in your body. Due to this, HGH produced or secreted from the pituitary gland because of proper blood circulation and a very rich amount of oxygen. The pituitary gland is present in our skull.

6th: Muscle stretching

muscle stretching by push up

Pushups provides you great stretch to your back muscles. It also stretches your biceps. During doing push-ups, when you lower yourself to the floor, your back muscle get stretched. When you push yourself up to the starting position, your biceps get fully stretched.

Push-ups provide great stretching to our body because it is a compound exercise and engage lots of muscle. Stretching helps in preventing injuries and improve the flexibility of your body. And due to the well-stretched body, your appearance became solid and attractive.

7th: Free of cost and save time:

push ups save your time

In today’s busy lifestyle, no one has time to do exercise separately for every part of our body. But it is also necessary to keep our body fit and healthy. As push-up is a compound exercise, it put effect on whole body. Every body can do this in no time. If you are also busy but want to make your body healthy, you have to just give only 5 to 10 minute. Do some warm-up exercises like jumping jack and when your body get warm-up, just start doing push ups. And that’s it. Save your time and be healthy. So push-up is my favorite body workout.

In these days, going to jym and pay for it creates extra expenses. But doing pushup doesn’t need any instructor or gym equipments. This saves your lots of dollars with your valuable time. If you need instructor, youtube is already available for you whole time.

Wrapping up:

Push-up is a great exercise which engage your body completely and makes you healthier in no time with free of cost. There are so many benefits of doing push-ups as I have already discussed above with you. So just start doing it.

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